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Asteris, Inc

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20085 Lost Arrowhead Dr.
Monument, CO 12168
United States
Asteris, Inc
Founded in 2004 by two Gulf-War Bronze Star Veterans, Asteris delivers innovative PACS (Picture Archival Communication System), RIS (Radiology Information System) and a groundbreaking veterinary information communication platform. Asteris provides affordable, custom-tailored digital image management software and telemedicine workflow solutions to veterinary practitioners, radiologists and specialists. The philosophies, business practices, products and services we employ are developed under the guidance of respected members of the veterinary field, including general practitioners, surgeons, radiologists and even office personnel. All software is developed internally, allowing for complete focus towards the veterinary market and rapid, robust customizations.

As innovators in veterinary information management, Asteris truly understands the veterinary industry. Our team boasts significant experience and knowledge of the industry and the accompanying technical acumen and expertise to deliver. Asteris employs a multi-faceted approach to meet the increasing needs of modern veterinarians.

We partner with our client practices to deliver:
  • Groundbreaking real-time access to critical information and the ability to connect and share this information across the industry and across the world
  • Innovative, scalable PACS and RIS solutions that accommodates practices of any size
  • Integration of ALL current imaging and diagnostic systems within a single solution
  • Proprietary software applications and tools that increase efficiency and productivity
  • Asteris allows veterinarians to focus on being veterinarians: DIAGNOSE with accuracy, PLAN with precision, and MONITOR with confidence.
Your data – where you want it, when you want it.

Asteris Keystone is a COMPLETE TOOLKIT for DIGANOSING, RECEIVING, SENDING, and STORING ALL REPORTS and IMAGES. Keystone will STREAMLINE your diagnostic, consultation and collaborative workflows, from simple viewing to complex routing and synchronization. Combining a USER-FRIENDLY interface with unsurpassed performance and reliability – Asteris Keystone is easy to install, learn, and use. Keystone works with any DICOM imaging modality and scales to grow with your practice. Improving your internal and collaborative work and increasing your productivity, Asteris Keystone gives you more time to focus on patient care and growing your practice.
Asteris Keystone’s software is customizable with add-on modules including advanced telemedicine workflow, scheduling and MPR capabilities – which ones you choose will depend on your practice size, setup, and specialization. Here are some of the key features built into the Asteris Keystone platform:
Keystone Cloud

Visit our website: newsite.asteris.biz/products/asteris-keystone
Asteris, Inc | 20085 Lost Arrowhead Dr. Monument, CO 12168 United States | 877x-727x-8374
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