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Tassava Consulting, LLC

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1201 France St.
New Orleans, LA 70117
United States
Tassava Consulting, LLC

What is veterinary consulting? For Brenda Tassava, it’s more than giving advice and making recommendations. The real satisfaction is when she see ideas and hard work come together to reshape a veterinary practice over time. That requires a longterm commitment and relationship, both from the client and the consultant.

Consulting work is a process. Before that process can begin, you must ask yourself if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and work at it, because that’s what change and growth require. If you’re committed to building a better workplace culture, while adding value to your veterinary practice and increasing your bottom line, by first building a solid foundation while involving your entire team, then let’s get started!

Brenda Tassava is an experienced practice management consultant whose roots began in the area of veterinary client service. She has personally trained client care teams, built strong leadership teams, and mentored and trained new practice managers across the country. Her consulting services include, but are not limited to:

  • In-practice visits
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Remote consulting work
  • Staff training services

 About Us

Brenda Tassava is an artist turned management consultant, so she’s always looking at things from a unique and creative perspective. She brings more than 18 years of practical veterinary business experience to her practice consults. Recently relocated to New Orleans, Brenda is looking forward to building relationships with veterinary practice teams throughout the southern region, while continuing to serve her practices in the Midwest.

The author of the book, Social Media for Veterinary Professionals, and an experienced leader who has taken practices to award-winning levels of recognition when it comes to workplace culture, Brenda approaches consulting in a "whole-istic” manner. She believes that when you invest in great people and paint a vision for them to work towards, prosperity and profitability are natural outcomes.

A certified veterinary practice manager since 2004, and a certified veterinary journalist since 2011, Brenda Tassava is an active member of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA), VetPartners, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), and the American Society of Veterinary Journalists (ASVJ). She served as a volunteer board member on the CVPM board of directors for more than six years, and is a co-founding member of the Veterinary Management Association of Indiana.

When Brenda’s not busy lecturing and visiting practices all over North America, you’ll find her in her art studio, painting and chatting away with Eowyn, her African Grey parrot

In Practice Visits

The Client Cycle of Service Visit:  Every practice is unique, but most share very common problems in our profession. The most effective first practice visit is one where Brenda spends the morning shadowing appointments from start to finish. This lends great insight into staff communication, client education effectiveness, client and patient compliance, efficient work flow and hospital systems. After a morning of observation, Brenda does a 60-90 minutes lunch and learn workshop with the team where the staff focuses on the practice’s current cycle of service, and then comes to the table with new ideas on elevating the client and patient experience. Facilitated in a fun, positive manner this approach sets the staff up for success. Following the staff meeting, Brenda meets with the owner, manager and key leaders in the practice to review her findings from the morning and offer action steps for improvement.

Inventory Optimization Visit:  Inventory is an area in which nearly every practice struggles. Brenda has years of experience at managing inventory for not only companion animal and exotic practices, but also multi-location organizations. In this visit, Brenda works directly with the practice’s inventory manager and/or practice manager to review the current inventory cycle and flow; reviews and discusses the current position of the practice with regards to inventory costs; designs and discusses an inventory consolidation plan; and creates a custom inventory budget calculator for the practice to use and stay on-track with once she leaves.

Standards of Preventative Care Visit:  Coming to an agreement on how a practice moves forward with preventative care protocols is easier said than done, especially in multi-doctor practices. Even the most progressive practices struggle with this, making it difficult for their staff to achieve consistency in their messaging which ultimately leads to a communication breakdown when it comes to clients. Brenda’s facilitative skills teamed with her ability to question things from the client’s perspective helps veterinarians come together and make choices they can stick with when it comes to preventative care protocols. She then turns their decisions into an easy-to-use format to support the staff from a training and client communication perspective. This visit requires attendance from all veterinarians, the practice manager, and lead technician for a 2-hour meeting. Following the meeting, Brenda will work with the practice manager and lead technician to create the support materials they need to train and support their staff members. A staff lunch 

Visit our website: brendatassava.com
Tassava Consulting, LLC | 1201 France St. New Orleans, LA 70117 United States | 317x-491x-3498
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