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Beyond the Crown’s goal is to help you take veterinary dentistry to the next level. Oral disease is one of the most prevalent diseases in dogs and cats. 80% of adult dogs and 70% of adult cats have some form of oral disease. Dental problems are among the top three pet owners concerns in dogs and cats. Let me help you develop a stellar dental program.
Beyond The Crown’s Mission
  • To provide personalized veterinary dental training that is both highly educational and enjoyable,
  • To assist the veterinary team in elevating their skills, expertise and confidence in performing professional dental procedures,
  • To give teams the tools to promote the message of good oral care to their clients resulting in healthier patients and enhance the hospital’s communication, efficiency, effectiveness and success
Services : Let's improve your dentistry skills together
Team Approach
It is often said it takes a village to raise a child! In the veterinary field it takes a team to effect change. Progress and change can not happen if the entire team is not onboard and adequately trained. Staff should be used to maximize efficiency within a practice.
In-Hospital Training
This allows your staff to be trained on your own equipment within their own environment. We can customize the training to your specific needs with in your hospital.
Our practice implemented digital dental x-ray 1.5 years ago. Mary was instrumental in training both technicians and doctors in learning how to use the machine. As a DVM, I had very little dental instruction in school and she was been incredibly helpful in increasing my skill set as compared to my other colleagues with more dental experience. She is amazing to work with!
Kristi Rowland, DVM- Wakarusa Veterinary Hospital


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